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Arianna was my coach and after only 4 sessions she was able to help me see a new perspective on my people-pleasing which has given me the confidence to be more comfortable being me!
She used Hypnosis and Phototherapy which were both very powerful.
Highly recommended

Hannah Apperley

I had some pain management sessions with Arianna for some chronic post-accident pain.
She used a combination of hypnosis and other therapies that helped me reduce the pain and inspired me to explore new physical activities that improved my health.
Arianna’s approach is both soothing and motivational.

Caitriona Horan

I've been looking for someone long enough to help me, with the confusion I had in mind.
I met Arianna through a common friend and after I had the opportunity to make an online meditation session where I felt good vibes around her.
After some months I decided to start a journey with her, the best decision ever.
Thanks to her I managed to solve the issue from my past, I eliminated completely the states of panic when I  was driving the car and I have so much confidence in myself.

 I'm not afraid anymore to make decisions in life and have clarity about what I want to do.
I couldn't wait for our session and they always finished too quickly!
I can only say thank you, Arianna!! 
For your guide and support in this process of life.
Everyone who has the possibility to meet Arianna, her passion for this job is terrific and she owns an incredible gift to help people.

Pamela B.

I met Arianna through a mutual friend and she is such a thoughtful and caring person and genuinely wants to help people!
Our session absolutely blew my mind and after our call I felt so relieved and had a clear mind with so much focus for the future!
My procrastination subsided and I feel it’s time to enjoy my future and feel good about been happy including having money in my life, I’ve always felt I wasn’t worth it until now I AM WORTH abundance and I deserve it!! I’d never done anything like this before but I’ll be doing it again!
Thank you, Arianna

Amanda J. I.

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